Keycloak 3.4.1.CR1 发布,身份和访问管理

Keycloak 3.4.1.CR1 已发布。Keycloak 是一个针对现代应用程序和服务的开源身份和访问管理,为应用程序和安全服务添加最小化身份验证。无需处理存储用户或验证用户,开箱即用。


Cross DC

  • A lot of work has gone into finishing the Cross DC support and it should now be ready to use.

Database Replication

  • We're now testing database replication with MySQL Galera and Oracle RAC. This is related to Cross DC support which requires a master node in each DC.

Loads more..

  • Loads and loads of fixes

完整更新内容可查阅 JIRA



Keycloak 3.4.1.CR1 发布,身份和访问管理