Raspbian 20171129 发布,基于 Debian 的 Linux 系统

Raspbian 20171129 已发布,Raspbian 是基于 Debian GNU/Linux 的免费操作系统,它面向 Raspberry Pi 硬件( armhf 处理器架构)而做了优化。Raspbian 带有 35000 多个软件包或预编译软件,它们按优美的格式打包从而便于在 Raspberry Pi 上安装。


  • Added battery monitor plugin for taskbar – works on x86 images or first-generation Pi-Top

  • Added cutdown mode to PCManFM file manager to reduce complexity

  • Added ability to rename files in PCManFM by clicking name when selected

  • Bug fix in Bluetooth ALSA module to reduce truncation of audio at end of playback

  • Various small tweaks, bug fixes and theme modifications

  • New kernel and firmware



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Raspbian 20171129 发布,基于 Debian 的 Linux 系统