RxJava 2.1.7 发布,Rx 的 Java 实现

RxJava 2.1.7 已发布,RxJava 是一个在 Java VM 上使用可观测的序列来组成异步的、基于事件的程序的库。


API changes

  • Pull 5729: Implement as() operator on the 6 base classes – similar to to() but dedicated functional interface for each base class instead of just Function.

Documentation changes

  • Pull 5706: Remove mentions of Main thread from Schedulers.single() JavaDoc.

  • Pull 5709: Improve JavaDocs of flatMapSingle and flatMapMaybe.

  • Pull 5713: Add BaseTestConsumer values() and errors() thread-safety clarifications.

  • Pull 5717: Add period to custom scheduler use sentences in Schedulers.

  • Pull 5718: Add a sentence to documentation of take() operator about the thread onComplete may get signaled.

  • Pull 5738: Correct JavaDoc for ConnectableFlowable, GroupedFlowable, FlowableAutoConnect.

  • Pull 5740: Marbles for Observable all, fromPublisher, zipArray.


  • Pull 5695: Fix Completable.concat to use replace (don't dispose old).

  • Pull 5715: Distinguish between sync and async dispose in ScheduledRunnable.

  • Pull 5743: Check isDisposed before emitting in SingleFromCallable.


  • Pull 5723: Remove duplicate nullity check line in toMap.


See the article here:

RxJava 2.1.7 发布,Rx 的 Java 实现