Keras 2.1.2 发布,高度模块化的神经网络库

Keras 是一个极简的、高度模块化的神经网络库,采用 Python 开发,能够运行在 TensorFlowCNTKTheano 平台上。Keras 2.1.2 更新如下


  • Bug 修复和性能改进。

  • Keras 应用、生成器方法的 API 改进。

API 更改

  • Make preprocess_input in all Keras applications compatible with both Numpy arrays and symbolic tensors (previously only supported Numpy arrays).

  • Allow the weights argument in all Keras applications to accept the path to a custom weights file to load (previously only supported the built-in imagenet weights file).

  • steps_per_epoch behavior change in generator training/evaluation methods:

  • If specified, the specified value will be used (previously, in the case of generator of type Sequence, the specified value was overridden by the Sequence length)

  • If unspecified and if the generator passed is a Sequence, we set it to the Sequencelength.

Allow workers=0 in generator training/evaluation methods (will run the generator in the main process, in a blocking way).

Add interpolation argument in ImageDataGenerator.flow_from_directory, allowing a custom interpolation method for image resizing.

Allow gpus argument in multi_gpu_model to be a list of specific GPU ids.

请注意, steps_per_epoch 如上所述的更改,可能会影响部分用户使用。



Keras 2.1.2 发布,高度模块化的神经网络库